NIP vs Immortals | Dreamhack Summer 2016 | Tips, Odds and Previews

Dreamhack Summer 2016

NIP and Immortals are matched up against each other in the Finals of the Dreamhack summer tournamnet to be held on the 20th of June 2016 at 19:30 CEST


NIP had a very close match against Astralis in the Semi Finals. They lost Overpass but that was expected obviously. NIPś performance in the tournament has been very shaky and many of their weaknesses have been exposed to the others. NIP have always had a upper hand against Danish teams. It is more to do with the mentality rather than the actual gameplay. ŃIP took a bold chance in their veto by allowing Overpass into the veto. Overpass has traditionally been their most banned map and they still played quite decent on the map.


Immortals on the other hand had a very close matchup against GodSent. They lost the first map, but the Immortals during the second and third map was actually quite different. They relied a lot on their aim, but their gameplay still seems to be improving by miles. However that being said, Immortals is still considered ( and rightfully so) a second rate LG Gaming Team. Their style and execution is quite similar to that of their Brazilian counterparts. They are improving by a lot but they definitely do not have the same level of aim and experience.


In terms of maps, Cache is definitely a map that Favors NIP. They have been splendid on the map and their win ratio on the map is quite spectacular. NIP have also been quite good on Cobblestone and Dust2 ( Get_right and F0restś home map ).


However NIP have shown that they have definitely not been rigid in terms of their vetoes. They have allowed OVerpass against Astralis and narrowed it down to 10-11 rounds against one of the best teams on Overpass. Immortals on the other hand prefer to play on Cache, Dust2 and Inferno. Inferno is not in the map pool and Cache is one of the best maps for NIP. Dust2 can be a map that Immortals can upset on; however considering the aim advantage for the swedish side, that seems unlikely.


Mirage however is a different aspect as NIP have shown themselves to be struggling on this map. THey lost to Godsent earlier in the tournament and Immortals have been very good traditionally on Mirage.


The Prediction : 70%-30% NIP

The Bet : Medium NIP