NIP vs LG – MLG Columbus Major – Tips, Odds and Preview

MLG Columbus

NIP and LG are matched up against each other in the MLG Columbus Major to be held on the 29th of March 2016 at 19:40 CET.


  • NIP scored a very close 19-17 win against Flipsid3 on Cache on Day 1 of the Major. The match was close in retrospect, however for the most part NIP looked as if they just wanted to troll their opponents.
  • They were up 8-2 in the first half when Flipsid3 managed a decent comeback. NIP on their CT side looked very shaky and Get_Right spent the first 4-5 rounds playing around with CZ, UMP and the likes.
  • They then went on to win 15-12 before Flipsid3 managed three wins using Tec9’s and Deagles to get it to overtime.
  • NIP looked decent in that match. I would say they looked much better than Flipsid3 and they would have won it quite easily if they had not trolled around too much
  • NIP’s best maps are usually Dust2 , Cache and Mirage. They have also been good on Inferno. Playing against LG, NIP would want any of these maps


  • LG got Mirage, one of their home maps against Mouz
  • They were very dominant and methodical in their gameplay on CT side. They had fantastic retakes which ended up in them securing their guns and good economy on their CT side.
  • LG is a very tactical and disciplined team. Their performance usually relies on their communications and solid strategies
  • This matchup against NIP will depend heavily on the vetoes. If LG manage to get Overpass as the map it should be a very easy victory for them

However this matchup depends heavily on the map chosen :

  • Dust2Dust2 is a map that can be said to be the home map for NIP. They love playing this map and have a very high win ratio on this particular map. LG on the other hand have consistently been banning this map off the veto process. They prefer avoiding this map at all costs.
  • Inferno as a map has traditionally been one of the better ones for NIP. They have consistently managed to defeat or concede in very close matches to top teams such as Fnatic, NaVI and LG.
  • LG on the other hand find it as a home map for themselves. We have seen the tug of war pull between LG and NaVi (two heavily tactical teams) on Inferno. This map should be a 50-50 map, however I feel that NIP might be the team to bet on here, based on their experience on this map. You also have to factor in the fact that Threat as a player would be much better versed on this map
  • Mirage-  Even though NIP are one of the better teams on Mirage, according to Richard Lewis Threat is not too comfortable playing on all maps. Mirage is a newly acquired “Good” Map for NIP and despite being a participant in all the tactics, Threat would not be too comfortable playing on Mirage (especially on the CT side)
  • Cobblestone – Cobblestone is a map that LG are favored on. While NIP have had some decent success online on Cobblestone, for the most part of 2015 and even in some matches of 2016, they have not had any tactics at all on the T side of Cobblestone. They lack a comprehensive T side which is usually made up by a very good CT side. However this is where the Threat factor comes in. NIP are weaker on their CT side than they normally would be due to Threat and that has to be a problem for the teamLG on the other hand are very well versed on Cobblestone. It is a map that they are proficient on.
  • Train – NIP have been decent on Train. They have had very good results, however that being said they have not had too many matches on Train even in their online matches. LG have worked a lot on their Train map play style. We have seen them play with different angles on one sided smokes on B site. They even have multiple angles to play off one smoke which makes it very difficult for the enemy to play against.This map, might be a map to play the odds on. I would say bet on LG for this map especially since they have put the effort on this map.
  • Overpass – This should be a match that is very easy for LG to win on. They definitely have been performing well on this map and it’s a map that NIP always ban. I totally expect this map NOT to be played as NIP should be banning this map quite early in the veto process.
  • Cache – Despite Cache being not so good for the Swedish lineup in their match against Flipsid3 yesterday, it is still one of the best maps for NIP. LG however consider this as their second least favorite map after Dust2. Being an NA team, they definitely have played this map a lot, however their results have not been great on this map. NIP should be favored on this map especially since they seem to be very comfortable on it.

This matchup will come down to the odds on the map. If NIP are below 35%, a low bet on them makes the smarter choice. We have seen NIP play poorly in the group stages earlier and then turn up as the tournament progresses. NIP also have won against LG in their last Head to Head matchup


The Prediction : 40%-60% in favor of LG

The Bet: Low on LG (The reason being mainly better results + Threat factor for NIP reducing their already small map pool)