NIP vs Mousesports Tips, Tricks and Previews

NIP and Mouz face off against each other for the ECS Season 1 Consolidation Finals to be held on the 27th of May 2016 at 1800 CET,

Esports Championship Series ECS

First of all let me clarify that the winner of this match secure a spot at the ECS Season 1 finals. So there is a very good incentive for both the teams to win this match. Currently, NIP are definitely favored in this match. They have not been in the best of shape, but have still been managing the wins in their matches. THey won 2-1 against Faze and a 2-0 over Mouz on 23rd of May.


The current NIP lineup relies heavily on the expertise of Threat. The days that Threat has taken in sick, the lineup has faltered heavily. As such it’s important to note that NIP are surely playing with the help of Threat today.


NIP has a stronger map pool as compared to Mouz. There are a few maps that overlap for the two teams. Mouz is very good on Cache. It is one of their best maps for a long period of time. If they would like to play on any map against NIP, it has to be on Cache. Dust2 used to be one of the strongest maps for Mouz, However their recent matches have been disappointments for the German team. THey have barely managed any decent results. Their wins have been against a lacklustre EnVYus and Dignitas ( Who don’t play Dust2).


NIP is favored on other maps such as Overpass, Train. NIP should be banning out inferno ( makes sense since it’s been their consistent ban while the map itself isn’t in the active map pool anymore). Sadly for mouz this was one of their better maps.


That leaves us with Mirage and Cobblestone. Mirage has been very tipsy for NIP. It was on this map that we saw the infamous quintuple overtime against faze clan. However that being said NIP have also logged some embarrassing defeats on MIrage against Faze.


Cobblestone is probably the second best shot for Mouz after Cache. Overall i think even though Mouz best chance is on Cache, their actual chance of winning this best of three looks quite slim. I would say it’s 60%-40% in favor of NIP with the way things stand right now.


The Prediction : 60%-40% NIP

The Bet : Low to Medium on NIP