NIP vs Optic | E League Group B Playoffs | Tips odds and Previews



NIP and Optic are matched up in the playoff stage of the Eleague Season 1 to be held on the 2nd of June 2016 at 16:45 EDT


NIP did have a minor setback when they lost both their best of one’s to Gamers2. Get_right who started off round 1 with an ace, ended up the half with 6 kills. His performance was definitely below par. His documentary definitely did not inspire him to play his best at E league.



That being said , the matches were Group Stage matches. The current matches are the playoffs. Its elimination time. NIP face off against Optic in a best of three setup. This match on paper, looks like it might be an easy match for NIP. However with the way Mixwell and Stanislaw have been playing it might actually not be such an easy match. Optic did make an amazing comeback from 4-11 against Gamers2 to lose the map at 14-16.



Mixwell has definitely been a very big revelation for the team. His presence has improved the performance of Stanislaw and others in the team. NIP on the other hand are overtly reliant on Get_Right and F0rest performing. These two players are the main players in the team and their performance has a direct correlation on performance of the team.


The Prediction : 70%-30% NIP win ( mostly 2-1)

The Bet : ICB on Optic to win

Low on Optic to win one map.