NIP vs Optic – E League Group B – Tips Odds and Previews



NIP and Optic are matched up against each other for the Group stage match of the E league Group B to be held on the 31st of May 2016 at 12 EDT


NIP vs Optic


NIP are undoubtedly amongst the top five teams in the world. The resurgence of the team has been led by the swedish duo of F0rest and Get_right. But that being said, Threat probably has had the biggest change to their attitude.The tactical approach by the swedish team has won them praise from all and sundry. NIP also came up with a novel concept of approaching the anti-eco rounds. Playing into the players mindset of buying into a round based on one saved AWP, NIP were able to maneuver their opponents based on the economy.


Optic are currently ranked 2nd in North American Region. But with an overall ranking of 15, the chances of Optic look bleak. Most of their success has been against NA teams. Mixwell has been able to burst forth with raw aim and out-frag the NA player. However with NIP as the opponent, that does seem a bit unlikely


The Prediction : 80%-20% NIP

The Bet : Medium NIP ( except if maps are Overpass / Inferno; in which case the bet should be low on Optic)
I expect Optic to lose both matches. But if the map is Overpass or Inferno, it’s wise to bet  low on Optic instead of Medium on NIP.