NIP vs Selfless E League Group B Tips, Odds and Preview



This match is being played between NIP and Selfless for the E League tournament Group B to be held on the 1st June 2016 at 12.15 EDT.

NIP were definitely the favourites coming into this group. While they exerted their dominance in the first match against Optic, their match against Gamers2 left a lot to be desired. It was again a case of one of the pillars ( in this case Get_Right ) not performing well.  NIP however were still able to perform admirably well with some good performances by Friberg and Xizt



Selfless surprised quite a few by managing to reach respectable figures against Gamers2. The team comprising Relyks, Mainline etc. The team did manage a decent showing against Gamers2, however NIP would probably facing a tough task if they do lose to any other teams right now.

The Prediction : 80%-20% NIP

The Bet: High NIP