NIP vs Titan – GameShow Global Tips, Odds and Preview

NIP vs ex-Titan

Gameshow Global

The match between NIP and Titan  is a best of three event hosted by Game Show Global  on the 31st of January 2016 at 21:00 CEST. NIP have been on an extended vacation as they have not played almost any competitive match since 2015. We really do not know what their position with respect to the game is. Their last match was a 2-1 win versus Efrag. While to many that might not count for much one should not forget that their opponents ( Titan have not been too well off either ).


Titan recently had a beating by mousesports. They also just narrowly won against Space Soldiers. Their performance ever since they lost their organisation has been going downhill. This has been a trend amongst csgo teams as we have seen this in previous occasions as well ( TSM to Astralis, Optic etc )




Titan are definitely fond of Cobblestone & Cache. They have also taken a big likig to Train and Mirage as the second tier of maps.


NIP for their part have hardly played with the new lineup so we cannot really be sure about the maps they like to play. Going by the old roster they liked playing on Dust2, Cache. These two being puggy maps I still expect them to be good on these maps.


They showcased great resilience on Mirage and Inferno. Their weakest maps are definitely Overpass, Cobblestone and train in that order.




The opinion is that titans current form gas not been good. They have been part of qualification matches and have severely dismayed us. NIP on their part should be motivated to start afresh. Their new roster has hopes ( for them at least. ).


The prediction : 65% – 35% NIP

The bet : Medium on NIP