NME vs Conquest

NME vs Conquest.

Tonight we inspect the showdown between NME and Conquest at 2AM GMT 19th of December in a Best of Three. This Candian and American battle will be one not to be missed due to last nights performance from both teams ( NME won Splyce and Conquest won Dogmen ( Dogmen won Liquid this week) ). This is a match for ” ELEAGUE Road to Vegas Closed NA Qualifier “.

Both squads became acquainted on the 4th – 12 – 15 for the first time in a Best of Three. Although Conquest did come out the victor in this duel with a 2-0 scoreline.

NME recently gained wins over celebrity team Cloud9 which was a hard blow for the NA Number one after losing a long time player ” sgares“. To highlight one of Enemy’s star players is ” Lucky ” who seems to be extremely lucky at getting frags! NME has earned four out of their last five games giving them a win percentage of 80%.

Conquest have only gained an overall percentage of 60% with wins over Complexity , NME and an amazing win over Dogmen who have recently won against Liquid on their first game with Allu ( former NIP player )

Rosters include;
Enemy. (USA)

Conquest. ( Canada )

My prediction is 69% in the favor of Conquest.

Calvin Hynes.