NME vs Renegades – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview


NME vs Renegades – Mirage


Lets would start this off by stating the teams performance on Mirage.

Immunity NME Renegades

As you can see NME actually have traditionally been very bad on Mirage. Their latest three matches on Mirage have definitely been wins, but that has got to do more with their form rather than the map itself. The current NME roster is definitely playing lights out ( at least they were 2-3 matches ago ) and that is what is portrayed in the results.


Renegades and Immunity ( from where Ustilo is )not only play this map regularly but also have a decent result score card on the map. They play this map regularly and being a mapo that they all know, the comfort factor for the team will definitely be much better than the other team.


Considering NME’s lack of form recently and the fact that this map would suit Renegades a lot more than Train, a small bet on Renegades will be the best bet here.


The Prediction : 60%-40% Renegades.

The Bet : Low on Renegades.