NME vs Winterfox – CounterPit League Tips, Odds and Preview

NME vs Winterfox

Counterpit League

NME have been steadily rising as one of the premier NA teams. Their performance has been improving and their practise is definitely paying off. However all that being said, they still rely heavily on Koosta to make the plays. The team’s performance still depends to a large extent on an individual performing and if he does not perform, they have a “not so good” day. Their [match](http://www.hltv.org/match/2300480-splyce-enemy-counter-pit-league-season-2)  yesterday against Splyce was an example of how they did not make good of their lead and finish the game early. While analyzing too much into that would be a mistake, the comeback by Splyce definitely showcased some flaws on NME. Both the matches ended in 12-16 scorelines. Considering Splyce’s improved performance, I would probably say that is a good score to win.


Winterfox on the other hand are another NA team who have been performing really well recently. Their [match](http://www.hltv.org/match/2300483-winterfox-obeyalliance-rgn-winter-classic-ii)  against Obey.Alliance which would have been expected to be a much closer match would be a good win for them. They managed to defeat Obeyalliance in single digit scores.


This match will really come down to the maps chosen by the teams. Winterfox has been known to pick Mirage as a regular map. That is their best map.XP3 and Desi are definitely huge on Mirage. Desi’s aggressive plays at A palace and XP3 holding down various sections of the map ( mainly mid- connector) with his AWP is pretty much a huge impact on the team.


NME on their part will be looking to play either Inferno / Cache. These are their best maps and since both teams will be able to choose their own map, I would say it is going to be one of these two maps.


Considering the odds on CSGL, I would definitely want to go a low bet on Winterfox. There is no way they deserve such low odds. I do think NME has the higher chance of winning one map at least , however when you considering the risk to reward ratio on CSGL, I would probably say that bet low on Winterfox


The Prediction : 75%-25% NME

The Bet : Low on Winterfox ( CSGL )