Noksukao vs AGG , Tips Odds and Betting Preview – RGN EU Qualifiers

RGNNoksukao and AGG are matched up against each other in the RGN Pro Series EU Qualifier to be held on 2nd of August 2016 at 2100 CEST


Noksukao had a very bad day 1 after losing all matches against ArchAngels, Alpha and Dignitas. The roster which consists of some of the best Tier  2 CIS Players has not been able to move on from singular map wins. The morality of the team is sure to be at a low. Even if they do win this match, the actual chances of them making them through to the playoffs looks bleak. As such there might not be enough motivation to


AGG on the other hand consists of Polish players in Peet, furlan , hyper, Gruffy. They won 2 of the 3 matches they played yesterday including the matches against notable teams such as Penta. They did lose their match to Dignitas but that was a 2-1 loss with the scorelines being 14:16, 16:1, 16;8. While the only win for AGG was a very close win, they got demolished in the remaining two maps. AGG has not been particularly impressive with their matches, but considering they are up against a team that has a negligible chance of qualifying I would  bet on AGG

The Prediction   60%-40% AGG

The Bet : Low on AGG