Noksukao vs ENCE , Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – ESEA Asia S22


Noksukao and ENCE are matched up against each other in the ESEA Asia S22 to be held on the 8th of August 2016 at 1900 CEST.

The noksukao roster comes off a 4 match losing streak to win their first match against a very weakened Comanche side. The CIs dominant team has not been able to cause many upsets and even in squarely matched matches they have come out on the losing end.

ENCE have been playing against stronger opponents and their performance has been mediocre to say the least. Having not been able to win many matches it is difficult to gauge the performance of the Finnish lineup. The potential is much higher and that might play an effect into deciding the outcome of this match. There is no doubt that ENCE has the better experience and the tactical acumen needed.

This match is quite close and in the end ENCE might just pull ahead.

The Prediction : 55℅-45℅ ENCE

The Bet : Low on ENCE