NP banned from Dream League for one year

NP has received a one year ban from Dream League due to withdrawing 2 years in a row

Many know that rewithdtawing is a completely I’ll practise, usually only done at the start of the competition when the team has failed to indicate their previous commitment to another tournament. However, withdrawing in the midst of a competition due to poor performance is greatly frowned upon and unsportsmanlike like, as it causes problems for organisers and messes with the tournament format. This unfortunately,  is what NP did 2 years in a row, withdrawing last year from Dream League mid competition citing tight scheduling as they were performing poorly.

This year, NP decided to withdraw from the Dream League season 7 to attend the Zptac cup invitation. Basically, they threw all the goodwill from Dream League, as not only did Dream League exempt them from a ban last year, but also offered them a placement in this year’s event. What’s worst is that, they accepted the offer, only to withdraw from the event forcing Dream League organisers to scramble and find a last minute replacement team.

While NP did withdraw before the event started, they defintiely deserve the ban for causing such great trouble to event organisers.