NP! vs Epiphany.

NP! vs Epiphany.

We take a look at the match between NP! and Epiphany which is set to take place on Wednesday 16/12/2015 at 5pm GMT and give our preview and tips.

These teams have collided twice before and NP! on both occasion has came out victorious. Like previously we can expect a close Mirage side with a win result of 16-14.

Epiphany have won 60% of their last five games taking whooper wins from SpaceS , nEophyte and ID. Cobblestone is without a doubt Epiphany’s best map winning SpaceS 16-10 and also formerly taking a map from !NP on Cobblestone with a score of 16-6.

NP! have won 80% of their last five games with finishes of DP , OnlineBots, Esuba and LGB. Cache appears to be one of this teams best maps with excellent wins spread out over many games. Also winning 16 – 0 to LGB.

Rosters include ;
– hiffer
– MomentPlease
– es3tag
– Krewmer

– glace
– cadiaN
– holzt

My prediction is 65% for NP! to win because they have won two of their previous games but this was 3 months ago so their strats could have possibly changed.

Calvin Hynes.