NRG crush Splyce to please their fans



Numbani was the first map for the match between Splyce and NRG. NRG , the fan favorites definitely have been practising and had the advantage early on in the map. They took the unorthodox pick of bastion protected by nanoboost and reinhart shield. The initial wave looked really shaky for Splyce and when they regrouped and tried to target Bastion, Bastion got nanoboosted and jumped into the fray to finish the back lines of Splyce.




Splyce looked like they could take control of Checkpoint A very soon. However NRG constantly took the game to overtime to eventually force Splyce to take 0 captures. Seagull was a huge factor in the match as Bastion. In the end however the D’Va ulti helped NRG take control of the checkpoint and especially due to the kill on Clockwork’s Tracer.

In the second half of the first map, NRG were the attackers. NRG went with Mei and Reaper for the aggressive stance and possibly zoning out any defenders. Seagull went with his trademark Genji and obliterated through the defense of Splyce. Splyce took the Checkpoint A and Game1 in under 30 seconds.


The Second map was chosen by Splyce. They chose the unconventional Temple of Anubis. NRG were the defenderrs and went with Mei and Zarya for their team. They looked set to defend the attack at the first gate itself. The Splyce lineup on the other hand was extremely aggressive with Winston, Genji, D’va.

NRG defended from High Ground and were able to dish out a lot of damage from behind the Reinhart barrier. Genji on Splyce was unable to get any kills despite doing a lot of damage with his blades. Gods got a double kill in the second wave push and that ended the push in its tracks. The third push saw Splyce having several ultimates such as the Graviton and the Winston ultimate. But NRG did a comeback with a Graviton surge of their own and countered the Mei play by SPlyce. NRG were shut down for the third time and definitely had a very low time to play with.


Splyce were however able to win on the 4th part. Certain individual engagements were won by Splyce with just a few seconds to spare in the first checkpoint. The second checkpoint and definitely the harder checkpoint was the next point of contention for the teams. Splyce had their NanoBoost by this time. The play for them was definitely centered around their NanoBoost. They used the NanoBoost on Mcree in what was a surpsising move. Mcree was unable to kill anyone.

Meanwhile Genji was able to get a couple of picks in the team and he was the reason why Splyce were able to get into the site. However the close spawn position for NRG meant that they could continuously defend the site and help  their team mates.

NRG were able to win the match 2-0 with them taking both the points with relative ease.

You can check the entire match here :