NRG Esports vs. Apex – NA LCS week 6 – Previews & predictions

NRG vs Apex

NRG and Apex speak very similar characteristics; teams that are in the middle of the pack, picking up games against lower tier teams and losing to more experienced and higher seeded. When it comes to their players, they are very similar in terms of their traits and play-styles.

Both Quas and Ray came into the scene with the expectation of being really good and potentially top tier for their positions. While Ray has been statistically better, I feel as though both have disappointed and lack consistency.

GBM and Keane were very special and unique mid-laners; however have yet to pop off. Compared to their previous splits, both GMB and Keane are trailing behind their previous performances.

Overall, I feel like NRG have a slight edge in this match-up despite being below Apex in the standings. My reason being:

  • Santorin is a much more impactful jungler than Shrimp; especially in the early game
  • GBM is a stronger mid laner than Keane and has much more experience playing meta champions
  • Ray is not as good as he seems; Quas is a much better top laner

But because this match up is so close, it could present some good value for you punters.

Prediction: NRG Esports 55% | Apex 45% (2-1 NRG Victory)