NRG Esports vs. Cloud9 – NA LCS 2016 – Week 6 – Day 2 – Preview

NRG Esports vs. Cloud9 are matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Saturday February 20, 2016 in Day 2, Week 6 of the competition.

Impact : Balls

Moon : Rush

GBM : Jensen

Altec : Sneaky

KonKwon : Hai/Bunny FuFuu

Cloud 9

NRG have been looking somewhat weak. Recently, against Echo Fox, they had a poor showing, and got demolished in situations where it would have been possible for them to escape. Cloud9 have looked strong, they had a great game against Immortals, and Jensen has looked strong in control mages such as Viktor. However, even in games where NRG are performing poorly, GBM has been able to deal significant damage, especially on champions like Gankplank. Rush has also played many different play styles, from aggressive champions like Nidalee and Lee Sin, to objective focused junglers like Nunu. Overall, I think Cloud9 should be able to beat NRG, as long as they can snowball Sneaky and Jensen, and listen to Hai’s legendary shotcalling.

Predictions: NRG Esports: 35% l Cloud9: 65%