NRG Esports vs. Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS 2016 – Week 5 – Day 1 – Preview

Echo fox vs. Renegades are matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Saturday February 13, 2016 in Day 1, Week 5 of the competition.

Impact : Darshan

Moon : Xmithie

GBM : Huhi

Altec : Stixxay

KonKwon : Aphromoo


Both these teams are looking strong, definite playoff contenders so winning games against each other will be vital to gaining the top 2 spots, which give a first round bye. These teams seem evenly matched, both have carry potential in the top lane, a strong and consistent midlaner, an AD carry who can carry the team in his backpack late game, and a support who enables his team to do well. I think they both have weaknesses in the jungle, which can be exploited by invades, and getting deep vision so that they cannot make an impact on the way the lanes play out.

However, I feel that CLG should have an edge over NRG, due to the fact that Darshan, Xmithie, Huhi and Aphromoo have all played together previously (Huhi was substitute mid laner) in previous splits, so they will have created compositions that work and have more overall synergy than NRG. However, GBM has proved that he can easily turn the tide of a game, from baron steals, to picking people off, NRG definitely have a good chance here.

Predictions: NRG Esports: 45% : Counter Logic Gaming: 55%