NRG Esports vs. Team Envy – NA LCS week 7 – Previews & predictions

nrg vs envy

NRG and Team Envy are following the NA LCS trend of easily winning matches against weaker teams while getting stomped by the likes of those higher than them.

Team Envy have entered into a slump after being unable to have any impactful games on tougher opponents like CLG and Immortals. The team itself is having some troubles when it comes to team cohesion and utilizing the individual talent of their members. Team Envy crumble under circumstances in which more experienced teams overwhelm them with map pressure and proactive plays. However, this will not be the case against NRG Esports.

Team Envy have the upper hand when it comes to showing us that they’re more capable of winning this match-up. They’ve historically and consistently picked up games against teams in the bottom half of the standings, and roster wise, they out-class NRG.

Prediction: NRG 40% | Team Envy 60%  (2-0 Team Envy)