NRG partnership with Washing D.C tips 6 figures!

Washington D.C Events have confirmed the partnership is worth over 6 figures

The recent partnership between NRG Esports, one of the biggest gaming organizations and the city of Washington D.C’s event planning department has been confirmed to be worth 6 figures. The chairman of directors for the event division in DC, Max Brown, has publicly announced the deal for the few years to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is certainly a major investment, and one of the first in its kind, where a public department has invested in esports.

While you may consider the figure to be extrodinary, it’s not actually that big of a deal considering the length of partnership and the major size and fan base of NRG Esports. Not only has this deal set a major benchmark for future deals, but imagine how much the bigger teams like CLG and Cloud 9 would be worth.

The deal is defintiely welcome, and somewhat to be expected as esports is one of the fastest growing industries. While an risky investment, there is no doubt if successful,  deals between cities and teams will being in millions if not tens of millions of dollars.