NRG sign 2 of the best Overwatch players

NRG has made 2 additions to their Overwatch roster

NRG has completed their Overwatch roster, finishing with two major names. NRG was not only the crowd favorite for many, but with the extra addition of “Harbleu” and “Ajax”, some of the most popular and skilled players currently, there is not doubt NRG will continue to remain as one of the strongest teams. NRG has announced that Harbleu will be taking the main role as the team’s Flex, which Ajax will be the team’s new support and in-game leader /shot caller.

Ajax is one of the most well known players in the competitive Overwatch scene, where he has been on major teams such as Splyce and Renegades. By bringing on these two new players, it has confirmed NRG’s interest in the Overwatch scene by commiting to stay active. Prior to signing them, NRG was inactive for a long time as they were short on players and unable to compete in events.