NRG signs former Luminosity Overwatch roster

Another team is yet entering the Overwatch scene, NRG signing the former Luminosity Overwatch roster “mixup”.



The “mixup” roster previously held the top spot in the Scene, placing first place multiple times before repeated beaten by Team EnVyUs’s Overwatch team, whom are now on a 8 tournament winning spree. The roster decided to depart Luminosity Gaming on good terms, as both parties have decided to seek new opportunities” since their contracts were soon expiring anyway.

The newly signed NRG Overwatch roster definitely has what it takes to become the top team once again, as they are still performing to an extremely high standard in their games. Sure the past few tournaments haven’t been that great for them, but there is no doubt they will bounce back after signing with the renowned gaming organization NRG.

The NRG Overwatch roster :

Brandon “Seagull” Larned
Tim “dummy” Olson
Yomar “milo” Toledo
Carl “enigma” Yangsheng
Daniel “Gods” Graeser
Mark “Pookz” Rendon