NRG Signs Veterans and Former Greats in Hope to Rise to the Top


With the recent trade off of star top laner Impact to Cloud 9, NRG have decided to sign an entirely new team roster, with the exception of their exceptional mid laner GBM. 

NRG decided to release the rest of the roster and have acquired well known veterans like Quas, Santorin and Kiwikid, all whom have played for some of the biggest teams of their time.

Top laner Quas formally represented Team liquid, where he managed to achieve first place for his team in both the Summer and Spring 2015 NA LCS.

Jungler Santorin has played as a jungler for TSM before, he achieving first place in both the 2015 NA LCS Spring split as well as the IEM IX World Championships Katowice. Before TSM he represented Team coast. His team placed very well in the competitions they entered, even achieving first place in both NA CS Summer 1 and 2.

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Quas, Santorin and KiWiKiDjoin NRG Esports, reports

— ESPN Esports(@ESPN_Esports)
<April 26,

GBM was signed earlier than the rest of the team and is known for his excellent mechanics and is believed to be one of the best Orianna’s in the world. GBM has played for a variety of top tier teams, two of which the top teams in Korea, CJ Entus Frost and Jin Air Green Wings.

Kiwikid will most likely be playing a support role in NRG, however, the player is known for being able to play any carry role in every lane. It is a possibility he will be the ADC for NRG, but since he represented Team Dignitas as a support, it is assumed that he will be carrying that role forward.

These 4 players form the incomplete team for NRG, whichmeans they will surely find a suitable ADC or Support ASAP in time for the next Split.