NRG upset EnVyUs and move onto Semi Finals

Counter PitNRG csgo


EnVyUs and NRG were the fourth and final matchup in today’s quarterfinals for the Counter Pit LAN Tournament. Both teams came into the tournament with a new player in their roster.


EnVyUs had a new player in the form of Devil while NRG had to scramble together a last minute stand-in to replace PTR who broke his foot due to airline turbulence.


Theoretically, EnVyUs are the better team, however as has been said innumerable times before, EnVyUs are the best T1 team with the worst map. Their map pool is very limited and it hurts them more often than not.




The maps were Dust2 (NRG) , Cobblestone (EnVyus) and Mirage. NRG is actually quite comfortable on all three of the above maps and won Dust2 quite comfortably after being down 5-10 in the first half.


Some highlights of Dust2 :





The next map was Mirage, which was a complete massacre by the French. They won the map 16-3. There is really nothing to be said about the match. The score says it all.






The final match was intense as it probably should have been. The map went to double overtime, however the NA team came out ahead in the final moments. EnVyUs are a very good team on Mirage, but some important clutch rounds by NRG saw the whole money system being directed towards NRG.