NRG vs CLG | E League Group C | Tips odds and Previews



NRG and CLG are matched up against each other in the Playoff stage of Group C for E league to be held on the 8th June 2016 at 18:00 CEST


CLG looked very out of sorts yesterday in their matches. Pita definitely has not had any impact on the team so far. Their two matches yesterday ended up in losses 6-16,2-16, 3-16. They won only one map against SK and that was a very close 16-14 win against SK. CLG roster needs a more map oriented game play. They are quite different from other teams such as Liquid, and other NA teams.


NRG on the other hand looked very organised and their aim was really very good. The one deagles from Tabsen and the read by Gob B were actually very good. NRG had a very sizeable lead of 14-8 on Train. However that being said, they did choke very hard on the same map to lose it 14-16.

Overall I feel NRG is slightly better positioned on the map than CLG. NRG seems to be much better in their executions and the general map awareness. Ofcourse it does come down to the maps, and Train is one of the best maps for NRG while being one of the worst maps for CLG


The Prediction : 65%-35% NRG
The Bet : 4% on NRG