NRG vs. Cloud 9 – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

nrg vs c9

Cloud 9 – as a team contending for a top spot in playoffs and looking to represents North America at Worlds would seriously be pissed off for going 0-2 last week. They are without a doubt looking to bounce back strongly this week, especially against weaker teams like NRG.

While C9 have been dropping the ball lately in terms of winning, they’ve been placed against formidable teams like Immortals and TSM. In my opinion C9 is a very consistent team that only face adversity when they are up against tough opponents that out-play their shot calling and play making abilities.

I wouldn’t entirely rule NRG out of the equation; however, they have struggled against higher seeded teams this split. In fact, the only team they’ve managed to beat is Phoenix 1 and Echo Fox.

With C9 working extremely hard to pick up more wins and place higher this summer split, I highly doubt they are going to drop a game against NRG.

Prediction: NRG 40% | Cloud 9 60% (2-0 C9 Victory)

The Bet: Medium on favourites