NRG vs Selfless– CEVO Season 9 Qualifiers Tips, Odds and Preview.



NRG and Selfless are matched up against each other in the Fragadelphia 8 Tournament to be held on the 4th of March 2016 at 22:00 EST.




NRG, under the leadership of GoB B have been excelling since they started playing in 2016. The team in itself is quite skilled especially with the duo of Sil3nt and Just9n playing incredibly well in their latest matches. The team is fixated around GOb b with the others doing most of the fragging. NRG’s map pool is quite extensive. They have an amazing T side on Cobblestone. They managed to defeat Liquid on Dust2 while equally winning against CLG on Overpass (which is a very good map for CLG) NRG have been stable with the same roster for sometime and they have been practising regularly.




Selfless or ex-NME are a team that has lost most of its firepower. They do not have Lucky and lost Koosta to Liquid. The team in itself retains its core, but without some of its core fraggers the team looks in disarray. The two new stand-ins for the team are pretty unknown and they should not be able to have a huge impact on the result.


The Prediction : 74%-26% NRG
The Bet : Medium on NRG