NWA Evojke : Interview


Ninjas with Attitudes ( NWA ) created waves when their team managed to bring down the Luminosity Gaming. The team blasted their way into GosuGamers top 20 Rankings . GosuGamers sat down with the support of the team Evojke for an interview :


So first off, congrats on the win! Were you surprised at all coming into this tournament, to finish above what most people consider a top 10 team in the world, and a top 5 team in EU?

Thank you. I knew my team can compete with all the teams in the tournament but I did not expect for us to click so fast and beat top 5-10 teams given that we formed our roster the same week.

So going off that, it’s incredibly impressive given you just recently formed. Was there a particular reason you guys meshed so well? Were you maybe friends before, or was this just a group of players that respected each other?

Some of us have known each other for quite some time already, but I think why we mesh so well is that we all play a similar style of Overwatch and we trust and respect each other as players.

That’s great to hear! So given that I contacted you about 6 hours ago and you just now got off scrims from that time, I figure you guys are practicing super hard. Is there a specific goal the team is aiming for within the next, say, 3 months?

Hmm.. I’d say our goals in the next 3 months is to win or place well in as much tournaments as we can and make the top 5-10.

And do you think we can expect this roster to continue on together, given that most of you guys have been bouncing around teams for a little bit?

We all enjoy playing in the team and we like each other so yes, we’re going to be sticking together.

So before I let you go, is there anything you have to say to fans, or people curious about learning who Ninjas With Attitude are?

I’d like to say thanks to all our new fans and supporters we’re going to work hard to make you guys proud.