NXL vs Mongolz – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

NXL vs Mongolz

Rising Stars


NXL had a very dominating performance in their match against Inchking yesterday. They did really well on the first map of Mirage crushing Inchking 16:11. Although the match score was 16-11 the actual gameplay was much closer as both the teams made multiple mistakes over the map and eventually NXL won because Inchking made more mistakes in their gameplay. NXl were making several mistakes especially on the last map of Train. They had a slight lack of communication which is very important to them. Their aim , while really good is not at their peak level right now. It could be seen in their previous matchups. Coming into the finals they have not faced many big name teams and it has been a walk in the park for them unlike as is the case with Mongolz.


Mongolz for their part have been on a roll recently. Zilkenberg is really in the form of his life. In each of the two matches we have seen him take down multiple players in a single round. It might be either at the start of the round or towards the end, but the result of the round is always the same with Mongolz winning it. Yesterday Mongolz made a deviation from their standard map pool with them choosing Overpass to play against CZEN. It did eventually backfire with them losing on that map after being up 13-10, However they would have won the map if they had not lost a eco round to CZEN. Cobblestone was a very close match with both teams neck to neck right up to the 25th round. Eventually Mongolz pulled ahead on the economy game and won the map.

The Prediction : 68%- 32% Mongolz

The bet: Medium on Mongolz