OG drops ana

As OG finished 7th-8th in TI7, OG has been dropped

Due to sub par performance at the “The International 2017”, OG has taken action against their roster and dropped ana, While in the grand scheme of things, OG didn’t perform too badly, many expected the team progress much further, at least into the quarter finals. However, they were knocked out by LGD where they lost 0:2.

OG’s past performance had been really strong this year, the pressure of TI7 likely crippled the team even though they were the victors of The Boston Major 2016 and The Kiev Major 2017.

OG has revealed they will be releasing their finalized roster in the coming week, likely meaning they have close to finally choosing a permanently replacement for ana. It is unlikely there will be any more roster changes for OG, however, we can expect many more to come as TI7 had just recently wrapped up.