OGN Overwatch Apex Season 1 Day 1 Winnerś interviews

Day 1 of OGN Overwatch Apex season has come to an end. The tournament organisers conducted a series of interviews with the winnerś team post every match. We present a collection of the interviews at one place :


Flash Lux E1kiNo

How does it feel to have won the opening match of the tournament?

Very happy and fulfilling. Being an amateur squad, we did not expect this victory at all. We heard Rhinos Gaming TITAN were an amazing team, so traveled to the studio thinking we should just play our best even if we lose.


What would you point to as the main factor behind your victory?

Weeso’s shotcalling carried us hard today. He knew exactly when we should engage.


Flash Lux seems to swap out heroes very often.

We switch over quickly when we have the inferior teamfighting composition.


Thoughts on the prevalence of triple tank compositions?

I believe triple tank is here to stay. Triple tank may be “unbalanced” compared to the standard 2-2-2, but as long as a Roadhog is included, its lack of damage rarely becomes problematic.


Your group contains two very highly rated teams.

I do not fancy our chances against Rogue or afreeca Blue; we have never even scrimmed against a professional team. We promise to try our very best, however.


Any last words?

APEX is the first official Korean Overwatch tournament. I hope it receives a lot of attention and does well.



BK Stars Bunny


You just secured your first win. How are you feeling?

Our team had a lot of fun today and teamwork was on point. We can play very well when team atmosphere is up.


Thoughts on your game against KONGDOO Uncia?

We played with KONGDOO Panthera quite a bit, but had no information on their sister team Uncia. We tried to be flexible with our hero choices and it ended up working out.


BK Stars is reportedly a very new team.

We had an offline meetup three days before the tournament, and that really helped us bond. The friendship we started building from that day on was the driving force behind our victory today.


Your Tracer was insane today. Any tips for the fans?

Aim and confidence are key, especially confidence. Courageously jumping into the enemy team and causing mayhem in general actually increase your chances to survive. It’s not the other way around.


Thoughts on your upcoming match against NRG eSports?

I haven’t given it any thought. We had a match today, and have another one on Wednesday. Those come first. For now, we will try our best to win our next series.


Has practice ever clashed with your final year of high school?

I only practice after school, so not really. I plan to go pro after graduating, though.


Your synergy with teammate BERNAR today was impressive.

We were definitely on point today! Here’s hoping we can continue to burst our way through opposition teams with the Graviton Surge into Pulse Bomb combo.


Any last words?

Huge thanks to our team manager/owner/sponsor Bokyeom, who bought us all the peripherals we needed and helped keep our team happy and lively. It allowed us to comfortably focus on the game and drastically improve our level of play.