Optic vs AGG – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview

Optic vs AGG – Train


The next map is Train.  AGG are very bad on Train having hardly played it in the past. Whenever they have played it they have had bad scorelines and definitely lost the map.


Optic on the other hand have a very good record on this map. They took Dignitas to overtime on the map during Novbember. Dignitas are one of the better Train teams out there and taking them to overtime definitely means that Optic are prepared on this map


During the E-League Road to Vegas Finals, they defeated CSGL on Train ( it was CSGL map pick ) 16-13. SKDC on the other hand have not only not played it since Novemebre, but their results were pretty bad in November as well. Their performance was not the greatest on Train and it is doubtful that one can suddenly start playing good on a map like Train.


The Prediction :  67%-33% Optic

The Bet : Low to Medium on Optic ( mostly medium)