Optic vs Flipside | ESL Cologne Main Qualifiers | Tips Odds and Previews

ESL Cologne 2016


Frankly, Optic have looked strong among the tier of teams. They narrowly lost to Gambit on Day 1 ( they allowed too much respect to Gambit which allowed Gambit to take positional advantage). They had a relatively easy matchup against FLG yesterday. Despite facing somewhat weaker opponents on paper, Optic have had a very successful style of playing yesterday. Opticś lineup relies a lot on the fragging of Stanislaw and Mixwell. These two players have been phenomenal in most of the wins that Optic has under their belt. Optic has been somewhat consistent in their results over the past few weeks. Even when they lose matches, their performance has always been stable in terms of rounds / gameplay


Flipside on other other hand looked pretty lacklustre yesterday. Cobblestone is one of the better maps for the CIS side, yet they were unable to put up a decent score against Faze. Flipside as a team rely heavily on Worldedit. With worldedit, the problem is that if you hand him a rifle, he isn´t as effective. Flipside are good on Mirage & Train. If its these maps, I would play Flipside as long as they are under 45%. Any other map, I will go Optic


The Prediction : Depends on maps, Generally 65%-35% Optic. If Mirage, Train then 55%-45% Optic

The Bet : Low  Optic. If mirage or Train , low on Flipside