Orgless vs Youporn – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

Orgless vs Youporn

Operation Kinguin


Orgless are ex-CSGO.One. There was a huge controversy surrounding the team 2-3 days before this match. Their ex-Sponsors allegedly asked them to throw their match. The huge controversy can be read here. They blamed their sponsors for asking them to throw a match during Operation Kinguin. This is the same tournament that they are playing this match on. Statistically Orgless are the better team. Their performances have been very impressive and even though they have lost their star player in barcode, they still remain a strong team with the likes of Flash, Deadfox being the strong aim of the team. Maeve and tabu are the strategic masterminds. They have found the right tune with the balance within the team and it shows in their results.


Youporn on the other hand have been losing matches quite consistently over the past few days. They have had losses to Flipsid3, CopenHagen wolves, Gambit.Gaming. Youporn’s performances have been slowly declining as they have not been able to perform as well as they used to in 2015. It does not seem that they will be suddenly improving in this match as we look forward to this match between the two teams.

Final Thoughts.

The odds are currently stacked in Favor of Orgless. While they are definitely the better team, it does not make sense to bet on them at these high odds. Their recent breakup with their sponsors would also have mentally affected them. The story snowballed into a controversy with many people blaming the organisations and some blaming the players themselves. We cannot be sure how that has affected the players mentality coming into this match

The Prediction : 70%-30% Orgless

The Bet : Low on Youporn