Origen fined $10,000 for poor contracts

Origen has been hit with another big blow soon after being relegated

As many know, Origen was relegated out of the EU LCS due to their final game loss. This was already likely enough to tip the team and lose sponsors, but this new news will surely tip the boat and cripple the organisation. Riot games ruled that the head coach ‘Leduck’ as well as other substitute player contracts were out of Riot competitive guidelines. While the specifics of the bad contracts were not released, Riot’ adjudicator stated that Origen has failed to follow correct guidelines for a specific time period. He added, while Origen amended the contracts in March, Origen is still guilty of failing to adhere to the strict Riot guidelines.

“Origen has always paid, completely legally, any of its players, ‘coaches’, ‘analysts’ and rest of employees,’

Origen statement

It is likely Origen made a genuine mistake as they aimed to sign on a new head coach and substitute players to avoid relegation.  I believe  Origen defintiely rushed the process and had to ill intent to break the rules or disadvantage their players through not Riot standard contracts.

While i do hope that Origen will be able to recover and return to their former glory, it is likely that management will fall into chaos leading to the end of the European team.