Origen relegated from EU LCS

Origen has fallen deep with its relegation out of the EU LCS

It’s pretty obvious to all that Origen’s glory days are over, and their at a real deep spot now. When formed, they were expected to be one of the best teams not only in the EU region, but the world. The team initially qualified for the season 5 world championships, but they performed poorly and lead to the later downfall to the team. On top of that, the hyped died down and they slowly became one of the worst teams in EU. This was proven fairly recently as they were relegated due to a disappointing 0-3 loss to Giants, another low tier EU team which kicked them out of 2016 Summer EU LCS Promotions.

The news is REALLY BAD for Origen, as no team ever wants to get relegated. Relegation not only means the prize pools for tournaments will be lower, but your publicity drops dramatically as not many watch out of the NA and EU LCS in the western regions. This will likely mean sponsored and other brand deals will part ways with Origen, likely leading to the downfall of the once great organisation.