Origen vs. G2 Esports – EU LCS – Week 7 – Day 2 – Preview

Origen vs. G2 Esports are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Series to be held Friday, February 26, 2016 – Week 7 – Day 2

SoaZ : Kikis

Amazing : Trick

PowerOfEvil : Perkz

Zven : Emperor

Mithy : Hybrid

G2 gaming

Origen have been looking shaky, losing the early game due to poor reactions to enemy skill shots and giving away careless deaths, losing pressure as a result. However, as the game goes later, and Zven gets more and more gold, they seem to use SoaZ as a splitpusher, often winning the game whilst their opponent is distracted.

G2 Esports, however are strong enough in lanes to not allow Origen to come back from a deficit. Soaz will have a hard time against Kikis, especially if Trick camps him and tilts him. G2 also need to focus on shutting Zven down, or he will get to a carry state.

Overall, I think G2 are the better team and should take the win here.

Chance of victory: Origen: 35% : G2 Esports: 65%