Origen vs. Vitality – EU LCS 2016 – Week 5 – Day 2 – Preview

Origen vs. Vitality are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Challenger Series to  be held Sunday February 14, 2016 in Day 2, Week 5 of the competition.


The team that was expected to enter the LCS crushing their opponents have showed less than favourable results. The team that weren’t likely to leave groups at Worlds, made a fantastic performance even besting some of the Eastern teams. Although sensibly upgrading their mid laner in PowerOfEvil, they are yet to win a game against any of the top tier teams since starting their play in the LCS. It is possible they withdrew from practice after their performance at Worlds, and returned over confident with their abilities. As of now, Zven (previously Niels), is the only player on Origen playing relatively well with his other teammates not meeting their own standards. However, as a team with a proven synergy, they should be able to get their act together later down the road.

A roster of many strong players, Vitality are an above average team in the LCS. Their tendency to play around carry top laner Cabochard has lead to picks such as Graves and Fiora, and more recently a CDR built Lucian top that dominated the immobile Gangplank on Elements’ side. Grounded by the always solid ex H2K bot lane, kaSing and Hjarnan, Vitality lend many of their more liberal players such as Shook the ability to make plays around the map.

Although Origen have been shaky coming into the Spring split, they have looked much better in recent weeks and should start picking up wins now.

Predictions: Origen 65% l Vitality 35%