Orlando John talent Agency signs with eSports stars



The Orlando John talent Agency has some household names from the Music and Movie industry as their clients. They are affiliated with Joel Kinnaman and Wyclef Jean. They have now decided to enter eSports and have already signed up Astralis CSGO team, Maikelele, Heaton and Loda.

The upstart Orlando John, who is based in Stockholm, but operates in Riga and Bangkok, has since its inception 15 years ago represented stars in the music and acting industry. Artists like Wyclef Jean, Sean Paul, Ken Ring, Joel Kinnaman and Marten Nylén linked to the agency.

“ESports is growing at an exponential rate. I’ve seen growth before but this is something else. It’s a phenomenon and we feel that we wanna be a part of this journey, “Peter Strömberg, head of Orlando John E division in Sweden, tells Breakit.



“He’s the Ibrahimovic of esports”

“These players are extremely famous. Some can not move around without bodyguards When They visit Asia. And Emil is the biggest one. Getting him was a must. He was the first one we thought of when we started talking about entering the esports industry. He’s the Ibrahimovic of esports “.

“Will be just as music stars”

Now the agency has big plans for Their newly signed Stars, and will work with them The Same Way as They work with their artists and movie stars.

“We want esports players to get Their own line of perfume just like regular stars. ESports is growing fast and the esport stars Will’ve become just as normal as music stars, “Strömberg tells Breakit.

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