Oskar releases statement about his release from Mouz

OSkar Inactive

Oskar was added to mousesports in June 2016. However very soon he was benched and kept in the roster as a Streamer. This created huge problems for him as well as others as he was being paid for basically streaming and not utilising his talents as well as he should have. Lowel replaced his position on the team as was reported by us a few days ago.

Oskar has been at the center of controversy surrounding his release / benching by Mousesports.


As you know, I decided to take a break from playing for mousesports.
I’m sorry that it turned out the way it did. When I joined and we began practising, I already felt there was something wrong and that I’m missing something in the team. I knew all the players, except for Spiidi, so I thought it was going to be a good bunch of guys, that the time spent with them wouldn’t be for nothing and that we’d succeed. However, from the get go I felt I couldn’t endure the practice regimen and what the others expected of me, which you might have noticed in my performance. I didn’t play to the level that was expected of me, I couldn’t find myself in the game and I fell into a depressing level, so I saw myself slowing down the team.
During our trip back to the hotel from the Gfinity venue, I was thinking and preparing what I’d say and how fast I’d make my decision, because we had a lot of tournaments ahead of us. When we arrived at the hotel, we sat down and began discussing the event. Not one word was said about my performance, the players probably knew I could play much better and that something was wrong. And it was, I couldn’t focus on the game because I doubted myself. After exchanging our opinions and some heated discussion, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t continue playing with them and slow them down in preparations for upcoming tournaments.
It’s obviously a big risk, there might not come a time when mousesports are interested in playing with me in 2017, there might not be a team interested in me so much so that they’d buy me out.
I sacrificed so much in my life to the game that I wouldn’t have a problem with playing 12 hours a day, 6 days a week if I felt good in the team. Unfortunately, I’m not 20 anymore and right now I really didn’t feel up to it. Wrong place, wrong time.
You know the main reasons. Nobody died in my family, it doesn’t have anything to do with my loved ones, everyone understands it and respect my job, I wasn’t influenced by anyone. It was only my personal issue and my decision. I don’t want to go into internal team matters, so we’ll leave it at that.
I still have time to prove that I’m a top-tier player and that I can be professional. Now, I have time to practise my English and improve it. Those of you who like my humour can look forward to me streaming and playing FPL. We’ll begin again from zero.

P.S.: For those of you who think I quit because I was cheating or because I’m toxic, you’re crazy. I’ve never cheated and I’m only toxic on my stream, because everything is lagging. lul