Ostkaka joins team Alliance

Ostkaka the 2015 World Champion has signed with Team Alliance as their second player

Ostkaka had previously been in the Natus Vincere roster until early September where they decided to drop their entire Hearthstone team. As a result, Ostkaka had became a free agent without a team, and has announced he would be looking forward to join another team.

Alliances General Manager mentions that : “I’m thrilled to have Sebastian joining the Alliance family, he’s an incredible athlete, which he’s undoubtedly shown by winning the World Championship last year, but also in his determination and discipline. I really love his approach to Hearthstone and I’m excited to have him represent our brand.“

Ostkaka replies : “I’m really excited to be joining Alliance. I’ve been a bit less active in the past few months during the HCT off-season but I will be dedicating full time to try and qualify for Blizzcon 2017. I’ll also be streaming my practice and ladder grind regularly. I’m looking forward to representing Alliance in tournaments and will do my best to win.”

Ostkaka’s announcement is just on time, as he will be able to represent Team Alliance at Dream Hack Winter, where he is expected to advance far into the competition.