Overwatch APAC Premier Tournament – Rundown (Huge prize pool)

The APAC Premier Tournament will be held in China and feature teams from both Asia and North America

Overwatch sign

Asia and North America are currently the two biggest regions both playing Overwatch and in the competitive scene, so it was only expected that these two regions would fight it out to show who’s the victor. The tournaments will also feature an astounding 1.65 million CYN prize pool which roughly equates to $250,000 USD, which is one of the biggest prize pools ever seen in the growing Overwatch scene.

The APAC Premier Tournament follows a series of tournaments from the Chinese scene such as the Nexus Cup and the China-Korea Megagame which attracted an extremely huge crowd both on site and on stream. The tournament will be held in a 3 stage format where the first stage features 32 teams in the China regional online preliminaries competing for only 4 spots. From the 4 Chinese teams, they will then compete against 12 invited teams from North America, Japan and Korea for the final 6 spots. Only 6 teams will be present at the last stage where they will then compete for the Huge prize pool which will definitely determine the future careers of the players.

Overwatch tourny china schedule

The first stage of online preliminaries be held between September 8th – 11th

Second stage held between September 15th – October 2nd

Final stage held between October 6th – October 16th