Overwatch championships – DreamHack winter

Dreamhack has announced they will be hosting an Overwatch championship with a $50,000 prize pool

The Overwatch championship will feature 8 teams who made it through NA and EU online qualifiers along with the “huge BYOC qualifier”. The online qualifiers will be open to any team and take place from the 9th-10th of October for EU teams and 11th-12th for NA teams. The BYOC qualifier is open to anyone who attends the LAN qualifier.

The Overwatch championships will be held from the 25th-26th of November, a mere 2 day event for DreamHack attendees


The main Overwatch Championships event prize pool distribution :

1st – $30,000
2nd – $10,000
3rd/4th – $5,000

This means there is nothing install for the bottom 4 teams.

Online qualifier sign-ups.

European Qualifier, October 9th-10th – SIGN UP HERE!
North American Qualifier, October 11th-12th –