Overwatch competitive – To play or not to play

Overwatch is still a fairly new game filled with bugs and unbalances, so the question is posed, should we risk playing competitive?

I advise all players to finish the placement matches to obtain a rank. Obtaining a rank will reward you with a player icon, spray and some competitive points at the end of every season. A season in overwatch will currently last 10 weeks, with a 2 week break competitive play will be removed, this is known as the “off-season”. Always make sure you finish you placements every 3 months to ensure you’re able to get the free rewards.

Defeat overwatch

If you’ve finished you placements, I think you shouldn’t focus too much on competitive plays for now. The system and maps are still unbalanced and need some serious polishing, otherwise the rank system will not be determined on skill but mere chance of the teammates you get, and what side on map you are on.


Sure, games like LoL, Dota and cs.go all are team games, and you need to play as a team. But for overwatch, your skill seriously matters so little, as you have to push together and the out play potential isn’t that much compared to the other games. Even if one member on your team is bad, it could let the WHOLE team down. For example, if your “trash” Rienhart player presses shift, and abandons your team without the shield, you could immediately face a team wipe from the enemy front line.

meme wtf

If the competitive system doesn’t get fixed soon, this will be serious trouble for players. I think the system shouldn’t be based solely on weather you win or lose, but instead performance such as “healing done”, “damage done” or “damage blocked”, where these stats are compared to other players throughout the game on the same map and team.