Overwatch nominated in eight categories for Golden Joystick awards

The Golden Joystick awards are the oldest, and most prestigious, gaming awards. Every year fans can vote on what game should win in all separate categories.​

Overwatch sign

Overwatch has been nominated in eight categories.

  • Best Original Game
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Audio Design
  • Best Multiplayer Game
  • Best Gaming Moment
  • Game of the Year
  • PC Game of the Year
  • Competitive Game of the Year

Competitive Game of the year.


This award refers to the game that gained the maximum following in the year. The award can depend on the popularity of the game and is based on votes made by players themselves.

The Best Original Game is the game that has had the most innovations.

Best Audio design refers to the game that can be played with just headphones and sometimes even no monitor. It basically refers to advancements in sound technology and the design of the game as such.


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