Overwatch players are younger than other eSports

Overwatch fans are much younger in age it seems according to a new report from Newzoo.

overwatch-halloweenThe game which released in 2016 is already one of the successful games and continues to grow at a very fast pace. Out of all Overwatch esports fans, 68 percent of them are in the age 18 to 34 millennial demographic, according to the 2016 Nielsen Esports Report and Nielsen Video Game Tracking. This is higher than the average for other competitive games, which is at 61 percent.


Esports fans in general are more likely to play Overwatch over a regular U.S. gamer, 17 percent vs. 4 percent. Nielson also noted that 27 percent of Overwatch fans say they don’t follow the game’s competitive scene as much as they want because of a lack of local tournaments. This is a problem that Blizzard itself is trying to fix with its Overwatch League, which will create city-based teams across the world.