Overwatch Principal Designer confirms Widowmaker Bug

There has been tremendous confusion about Widowmaker’s firing accuracy since the game released. People have reported the firing inaccuracy for the first shot that Widowmaker takes. However till today it was just reporting with no actual legitimate proof.


Yesterday the Principal Designer of Overwatch Geoff Goodman confirmed the inaccuracy bug on Widowmaker. He further added that the bug has been in existence since a long time and is not a recent bug.


So we went digging into scripts pretty hard after reviewing this thread, and we did find one bug that is probably causing some confusion for you guys. The bug is this : The first shot she ever charged would take 0.1 s longer to charge than any subsequent shot for the rest of the match. Keep in mind this bug has been in forever, this isn’t a new bug to the PTR.

We’ll have a fix soon, thanks for checking this out.



It seems like Blizzard is definitely going in the right direction with fixing bug and listening to the community.

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