Overwatch World Cup matches this weekend



Some of the World Cup matches starting today and lasting until Sunday! Myself and Mitch “Uber” Leslie will be casting as many matches as we can during this time! I wanted to give you guys a schedule of the matches we have set AS OF NOW as schedules can change last second. Stream Link


  • September 9th
    Austria vs Serbia – 18:30(CEST)/9:30(PDT)
    Austria vs Czech Republic – 20:00(CEST)/11:00(PDT)
    Norway vs Portugal – 21:00(CEST)/12:00(PDT)
  • September 10th
    France vs Croatia – 12:30(CEST)/3:30(PDT)
    France vs Ukraine – 14:00(CEST)/5:00(PDT)
    Finland vs Hungary – 15:30(CEST)/ 6:30(PDT)
    Sweden vs Slovakia – 17:00(CEST)/8:00(PDT)
    Romania vs Slovakia – 19:00(CEST)/10:00(PDT)
    Germany vs Ireland – 21:00(CEST)/12:00(PDT)
  • September 11th
    France vs Portugal – 14:00(CEST)/5:00(PDT)
    Hungary vs United Kingdom – 15:30(CEST)/6:00(PDT)
    France vs Norway – 15:30(CEST)/6:00(PDT)
    Finland vs United Kingdom – 17:00(CEST)/8:00(PDT)
    Germany vs CIS & Baltic Area – 18:00(CEST)/9:00(PDT)
    Italy vs Russia – 21:00(CEST)/12:00(PDT)
    Bulgaria vs Israel – 21:00(CEST)/12:00(PDT)

Tentative schedule for all games being casted at the moment! Remember times/casters may be altered!
UPDATED Sun – https://gyazo.com/4ae8c6c9c8b914b5e175770038d8cb53

Edit2: After some feedback from people, we are trying to cover more countries and have less repeats of others. This way we can give as many regions as we can a chance to be seen!

Edit3: Here are the vods from the weekend! English VoDs

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