Pablo joins Alliance – Dota 2

 Alliance have locked in Pablo right before the deadline

Due to the loss of EGM earlier in May, Alliance were forced to scramble and find a new yet worthy replacement player for the upcoming season. It is pretty much fully confirmed that Alex will remain on Alliance’s active roster along with ‘Handsken’ as the team’s support duo.

“I feel very happy to invite PABLO into the team, he is a young, hungry player that all of us have been able to play with outside of competitive dota, and is a familiar practice partner from when he was a part of Horde.

Alliance captain – Loda

Pablo has had some connection with Alliance in the past, as he was previously playing for team Horde which was under the control of Alliance co-founder ‘Akke”. In his time with Horde, the team made had some major achievements, namely first at the ProDotA Cup Europe 15 and second for the Kiev Major European Qualifiers. After these big achievements, the team disbanded which later saw Pablo joining a handful of teams before finally arriving to Alliance.

While this came as a surprise considering the closing date for submitting members isn’t far away, Pablo is a great player that definitely belongs in Alliance.