Panda Global drops their HoTs Roster

Today, Panda Global has announced on twitter with a video and statement that they will be dropping their Heroes of the Storm roster.

The team has explained that they will dropping the roster due to internal conflict within the roster. It is said that “there were rifts” between members that ” were nigh-insurmountable.” Due to the inability for the roster to function as a team, Panda Gaming has dropped the roster with the players all heading their separate directions.

It isn’t a secret that the team have been poorly performing recently, sure they have achieved top placement in qualifiers, but those are low tier difficulty tournament. The roster poorly perform in major tournaments such as the 2016 ESL and DreamHack Austin 2016, only being able to obtain 5th place in both tournament’s. So far, the roster has only brought around $20,000 USD of prize money to the team, which also may have been a factor for the disbandment of the team.

The video explains that the team were unable to qualify for the 2016 Sweden Summer World Championships, which led the tea to the decision to go their separate ways in hope of reaching Worlds.

It also mentions that Josh “bkid” Choi a member who was part of the roster when it disbanded, will be signing onto another roster will former Panda Global players, Stefen “akaface” Anderson and Michael Udal.